Dr Horse

Symptoms, analysis, diagnosis…see what it’s like to be an equine vet thanks to this life-size activity. An interactive horse in the centre of the room is your patient – can you find out what the problem is?

image-maquette-ra-2 image-maquette-ra


This horse needs a vet. Visitors are therefore invited to put on the vets white coat and pick up a tablet to begin the investigation.

Clues are found using markers on the horses body, and visitors have to run the right tests and correctly interpret the signs and symptoms in order to select the appropriate treatment. This life-size investigation is staged using the augmented reality technology. Using 3D makes the activity far more like real life, so that visitors can better understand all the knowledge, skills and experience acquired by the research teams. To relive the experience, you can download a horse paper toy (print out the paper model then put it together) and do it all over again. 

If you can not scan the label and watch the horse in 3D to start the experience, you can:

  • get closer to the marker or move away from it,
  • check the blanket is put on the horse in the good way - the marking arrow “front” can help you to do it,
  • check the blanket of the paper toy gets enough light,
  • change the angle of view of the camera on the label,
  • leave the field of view of the camera, then scan the label again.