What is it like to be a horse?

This activity uses 12 interactive objects to follow the life of a horse from start to finish. Birth, training, challenges – at every stage, man is a key contributor.

Throughout its life, a horse grows, develops, encounters obstacles, thrives, gets injuriesAt every stage, the Hippolia Foundation has a service that can offer support to both horse and owner.Each interactive object represents a life stage, and when it is placed on the table, to which it is connected via NFC short range wireless technology, it triggers the corresponding animation. This new technology – which is already being widely used in many fields such as transport, banking, and sales really comes into its own in applications such as this.


You can relive each episode on the big screen and see how Man does his best to support his four-legged friend at every stage, with research, infrastructures, networks, treatments and so on. The Hippolia Foundation does its utmost to coordinate and develop every aspect of the sector.